About us

With an honourable Management reputation spanning over the course of more than twenty years, Air Charter is an Aviation company specialized in aviation solutions and operations for both small company's and Mass People Movement a concept developed by the numerous mission critical operations in the past two decades.

As one of the most prestigious US based Aviation Solutions companies, we are part of the seven sisters enterprises, and we provide excellent worldwide network. we can get things done, Courtesy of a highly qualified Management team, the success of our enterprise ensured us that we would never have to come down to being a broker company. We are continuously operating on a logistically high demand in operations and have introduced several new solution concepts to the market.

Developed by an enthusiastic team of specialists in the aviation industry with a lot of years of combined experience, Air Charter is a company that aims high at providing an unique experience for each of its customers, as well as fulfilling our ultimate shared vision, reaching and maintaining a status of leaders in the Aviation industry.

We have our own aviation IT Systems that we developed, which includes services such as Airline booking, eTicketing and Boarding Pass Printing, For those who value the efficiency of high-­tech, and also Airport Mobile Agent systems has also been made available on mobile devices an app through which an agent can check in a passenger and board him from an iPhone or an Android or windows Mobile.

We pride ourselves in being the ideal partner and a solution providers within  any aviation business. Our range of services varies from Air Charter Solutions and Airline Service to Aircraft Management and Private Jets, including but not limited to:

• Air Charter Solution

• Aircraft Management

• Aircraft Acquisitions

• Aircraft Parts

• Airline Solutions

• Aviation Software development and IT Solutions

• Aviation personnel and Flight Crew Solutions

• Aviation Auditing

• Private Jet Hire

The Private Jet charter are professionally organized with arrivals and departures from anywhere across the world. Private flight booking services are also provided, as well as exclusive premium services for our regular clients.

As a company we strive to offer our elite clients a luxury travelling experience, by putting a strong emphasis on an immaculate customer service and safety on board. All members of our team work very hard to offer outstanding luxury private jet services and are thrilled to be the top choice in private jet travelling by esteemed clients from all around the world.