Air Charter is a brainchild of a team of aviation-oriented people and professionals who conceived the idea of providing top-notch services for global aviation businesses. We started in early nineties and have come a long way in the two decades of our existence in the industry, emerging as a reputed service provider in the aviation and air charter domain today. During these years, we have assisted airline businesses in Asia and Africa to start up and become established names in the aviation landscape.

Today, we are a team of 27 people with an average experience of 15-20 years with each of us. Besides taking pride in the fact that the combined experience of our team spans hundreds of years, we are also gratified by our diversity. The members in the team come from different sectors in aviation, including flight operations, customer experience, aircraft financing, aircraft management, aviation banking, aircraft charters, and more. With the diversified experience and extensive skills that we possess, we are capable of fulfilling the end-to-end needs of airline businesses of all sizes.

We are established on strong business ethos of transparency, trust and a commitment to deliver unmatched value in our services, which makes us stand apart. At the same time, we adhere to the highest safety standards and international quality in services that earns us the reputation for being a global aviation partner. We bring industry-leading offerings and professional services, all at a very competitive cost. Our objective is to empower our partners for creating the best air travel experiences that can take them to the next level.