Founded in the early 1990s, Air Charter is a premier aviation service provider that caters to businesses across the globe. Our team comprises seasoned aviation professionals who contribute their rich experience and extensive skills to make us an organization that is trusted for the top quality in services it offers. With an honorable reputation spanning over the course of more than twenty years, we emerge as a company specialized in aviation solutions and operations for both, small company’s and the masses. We are part of the seven sister enterprises and we provide an excellent worldwide network for startups as well as established brands in the aviation landscape.

We take pride in the fact that we can get things done, courtesy of a highly qualified and skilled management team. Over the years, we have been continuously operating on a logistically high demand in operations and have introduced several new solution concepts to the market. From flight operations to aircraft financing, aviation infrastructure, customer experiences, and more, the range of services that we offer is impeccable. Air Charter is a company that aims high at providing a unique experience for each of its customers, as well as fulfilling our ultimate shared vision, reaching and maintaining a status of leaders in the Aviation industry.

In addition to the resources and infrastructural support we offer to airlines businesses, we have our own high-tech aviation IT systems, which include services such as Airline booking, eTicketing and Boarding Pass Printing and many more. Also, we have devised an efficient Airport Mobile Agent systems that has been made available on mobile devices as an app through which an agent can check in a passenger and board him from an iPhone/Android/Windows device. For those who value the efficiency of technology, these services are a value addition for their business.

We pride ourselves in being the ideal partner and a solution provider for any aviation business. Our range of services varies from aviation services and air charter solutions, airline services to aircraft management and private jets, including but not limited to:

  • Air Charter Solution
  • Aircraft Management
  • Aircraft Acquisitions
  • Aircraft Parts
  • Airline Operations
  • Aviation IT Solutions
  • Flight Crew Solutions
  • Aviation Auditing
  • Private Jet Hire

Today, more than two decades of our inception, we have grown to the size and scope that makes us capable of offering more services in more locations to our global customers and partners. We are marching ahead with the objective of continually investing in the diversification of our services and the growth of our network across the globe. As a team of committed professionals, we are constantly looking for means to enhance our offerings and to assist our customers achieve efficiencies in their own businesses.